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NSG team knows user sensitive information are important to users and dedicated to protect our app for secure and reliable usage. We are doing the best to maintain your trust and protect your information for obligations, transparency, user knowledge, security, participation and etc. Meanwhile, NSG team will follow the industry security standards and implement relevant security measures to protect user information.

Please read carefully about our privacy policies before you are using our products or services

How user information collected?

  1. Device access

Storage and gallery access – NSG will use app configuration and related storage to run data access, file exports and logfiles. These will be done in storage of your device.

Location services – NSG map will show the real time trial of user, location ID and relative signaling strength of your location.

Telephony – show current mobile network information and settings to call test. These will invoke the phone call access.

  • What information are used?

Mobile network information, these information will show signal strength, serving cell and related neighboring cells.

Location Information, these information will show the location of mobile networks, and will be shown on outdoor maps.

Device Information – these includes device brands, model, android version, baseband info, Android ID and etc. These will be used for software upgrade, installation and related purchase services.

  • Measures we used?

The requested access will be shown when the app is running for the first time and UI will notify what access will be used. The user granted the access, app will continue to do as requested; these access can be cancelled in your system configurations or you can redo it for once.

  • When and where these information are stored?

We will follow the related law enforcement, the collected information will be within your device. These information will be removed after the app uninstalled.

  • How these information are used?

Besides the device information, other information will be shown in the app only, or saved in your own storage for replaying.

Device information will be collected to our database from our server, from these information, we can upgrade the app and know the premium users.

  • The 3rd party SDK used in NSG

AMap SDK, privacy policy here

Alipay SDK, privacy policy here

  • How we share, transfer and disclose your information?

We don’t share, transfer and disclose your information to any other company, organization and individuals.

  • How this privacy policy updated?

We may modify this policy if needed. If the updated policy will have some consequences to users, we will notify through email, app notifications and any other means. If so and you continue to use our services, that means you accept our new updated policies.

Published: 2017/11/14

Updated: 2020/12/28

Validated: 2021/1/1

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